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Orthodontic treatment is a crucial component of a person’s oral health in adolescence and adulthood. While people may assume that they only need to see an orthodontist during childhood, many people can benefit from adult orthodontics as well. After all, even people who wore braces as a child may need to correct the alignment of their teeth again as an adult.

Along with that, we can help children maintain the proper alignment for healthy teeth as they grow up. Orthodontic care involves more than just braces and can help to guide teeth into the proper position at a young age. Instead of waiting for problems or oral health issues to occur, seek orthodontic care.

Invest in your future oral health with our orthodontic treatment at Kathleen C. Hwang Orthodontics.

Our Team

From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up care, our team strives to help the patient relax and remain calm during treatment. We create a professional and welcoming environment to help patients receive the orthodontic care they need. At our practice, a uniform smile is for more than just appearances. Straight teeth are much easier to clean and less likely to trap food or plaque in difficult-to-reach areas. Our team will also take the time to listen to your concerns before beginning the treatment. Our goal is to not only treat a current issue but help teeth remain healthy through proper alignment for the future.

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We provide a variety of services for patients to help them keep their teeth healthy and in proper alignment. We offer treatment for patients of varying ages from around 8 years of age to adults. These services include adult braces, clear braces, clear braces for teens, indirect bonding, surgical orthodontics, cosmetic braces, corrective braces, clear aligners, orthodontic retainers, teeth straightening, space maintainers, and cosmetic orthodontics. While surgery is not always necessary, we may need to recommend surgery for serious cases to treat jaw misalignment or bite issues. We have multiple options of teeth straightening methods to choose from and can find the one that is right for the patient.

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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need new patients to fill out a “New Patient Information Form” that covers their medical history, current condition, allergies, insurance and any other pertinent information we need. Once we gather this information, we will conduct an examination in order to determine the source of the issue and how best to proceed. We will then go over the treatment plan with the patient and customize it in any way necessary before we begin. While the initial treatment appointment will be the longest, the follow-up appointments and checkups will typically be shorter. We can also help make any repairs to the orthodontic technology.

Patient Information