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Early orthodontic treatment can build a strong foundation for a future of healthy and aligned teeth in patients. One of the main mistakes that parents can make is avoiding early orthodontic treatment for their children. The benefit of early treatment is that we can ensure the child’s jaw and bite are in the proper alignment among other factors. Instead of waiting for the issues to reach their worst stage, we can intervene.

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Early Orthodontic Intervention

With our early orthodontic treatment, we can also customize a treatment plan for each patient for the next few years. We will map out how the early steps now can help to prepare the patient’s mouth for the future adult teeth to emerge. There is no reason to avoid seeking orthodontic treatment early in one’s life.

If your child is in need of early orthodontic treatment, then we can help get their mouth and teeth on track for a future of oral health.

In most cases, it is important for children to visit an orthodontist by the age of 7. Even though most people assume that early orthodontic treatment is only braces, there are more services and procedures at our disposal. Our treatment can help correct any issues to create the proper space for the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is divided into two separate categories with Phase 1 and Phase 2 therapy.

With the initial appointment, we will help to determine what the child’s teeth will need for oral health. Even if parents do not seek intervention when their child is 8-tears-old, there is no time like the present to seek treatment. We will determine the most effective treatment plan, depending on the child’s age and condition of the child’s teeth.

Once we do, we can begin the treatment to guide the child’s teeth in the proper development.

Phase 1 Therapy

The focus of Phase 1 orthodontics is to help make room in the mouth for a child’s permanent teeth. Contrary to popular belief, a child’s teeth will not always emerge in the proper alignment. In fact, many children grow up with crooked teeth or misalignment issues that can have serious consequences to their oral health without treatment.

With Phase 1 orthodontic treatment, we can:

  • Help prevent crowding
  • Make room for emerging teeth
  • Help correct the alignment of the bite
  • Stop teeth from growing at an incorrect angle
  • Prepare the mouth for other orthodontic treatment techniques

There are also cases in which a patient’s teeth will be overcrowded, meaning that there will be too many teeth in the mouth for proper alignment. If we can catch the warning signs of this early on, we can recommend treatment to help prevent it from occurring. A major step in the process for Phase 1 orthodontics and the overall goal is a treatment plan with long-term results.

At Kathleen C. Hwang Orthodontics, we strive to help our patients have healthy uniform teeth for their life. In order to do that, we need to map out any orthodontic treatments that may become necessary.

Phase 2 Therapy

If phase 1 focuses on the foundation of the patient’s teeth, then Phased 2 focuses on keeping the teeth in the proper location. Following Phase 1 therapy, Phase 2 orthodontic therapy may include:

  • Braces
  • Straightening the teeth after all permanent ones emerge
  • Surgical orthodontic procedures
  • Wearing a retainer following treatment

While we offer other treatment options to straighten teeth, we recommend braces for children. Clear aligners are more beneficial for teens and adults since the aligner trays require more responsibility. With Phase 2 early orthodontic treatment, the amount of time a patient wears braces will vary per the overall need. There may even be a resting period between Phase 1 and Phase 2, in which the patient may not have any orthodontic technology on their teeth.

However, this may not be the case for each patient. Following Phase 2, we will continue to help the child throughout the treatment process. One example will be to have the child wear a custom retainer to keep the teeth in the proper position. The patient may wear the retainer as much as possible or only at night.

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We provide patients with customized treatment so they can receive the proper care their teeth need to grow and remain healthy. While proper oral hygiene can help to maintain overall health, early orthodontic treatment can help to build the foundation of that oral health. If your child is in need of early orthodontic treatment, call and schedule an appointment with us today.

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