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On this page, you can read some of the reviews our patients have left in the past. We thrive on feedback from our patients, and encourage you to share your experience with us, at any stage in your treatment. If you have the time to leave us a review, please click on the Review us on Google button below. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate us!

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The staff and doctor make you feel like a part of the family; you are not just another patient in the system. I deeply appreciate the way Karen handled Ash's appointment scheduling and rescheduling without so much as a sigh. Thank you so much!!!

-- Sadia

So friendly, knowledgeable, genuine concern for your patients! I've recommended many friends to use your services. Great treatment.

-- Grant

Dr. Hwang takes the time to explain everything. All the staff is highly qualified and very professional. Also, flexibility for rescheduling when needed.

-- Winston

Dr. Hwang and Karen have been professional and personable from the start, and have worked miracles with our daughter’s teeth. The process and progress/results are improving the quality of her life as well as her overall health for life! We are thankful to Dr. Hwang and Karen. Coming to the office is always pleasant, not as uncomfortable for our daughter as others had warned.

-- Donna

I like the positive, professional and informative attitude. The finished product was well worth it.

-- Bollinda

I like the incredibly warm staff and excellent care. Cade has had a very positive experience here and we will be bringing my other kids if they need braces in the future.

-- Michelle

I like the friendly environment. It is far from my home in Ontario, but worth the trip for the great service. I think all my 5’s speak for themselves!

-- Roxanne

I love how comfortable Dr Hwang and staff had made my little one feel. She enjoyed the whole experience of having braces! I strongly feel that everyone here cares about the patients.

-- Sonia

I really like this office and have recommended it to other families. They have friendly staff and are always on time with appointments

-- Suzanne

Thank you for all the extra effort put in to make visits engaging and interactive for the patients. Warm staff and great care!

-- Wendy

I’ve always heard from my friends how dreadful going to the orthodontist is; however, my experience has been the opposite. It’s been a very enjoyable process thus far. I like the comfortable feeling I get when I walk in. Feels like I’m visiting friends.

-- Fernando

Dr. Hwang took over Dr. DiGiulio's practice, if you grew up in Arcadia and had braces I'm sure you went to Dr. DiGiulio. My daughter was 8 when she got her braces and we couldn’t be more pleased. We found Dr. Hwang after going to another ortho who I felt was set up like an assembly line. I'm sure some people don't care but I do, I want a little more attention when it comes to teeth. I highly recommend using Dr. Hwang, she has a great way with children.

-- (Jodynne

Dr. Hwang is so knowledgeable and honest...it is comforting and you trust her opinion and recommendations. Karen and Sarah are exceptional!

-- Kimberly

I am confident my daughter is getting the very best ortho care. They have always been happy to answer all my questions. The staff is great, professional, courteous, friendly, and helpful at every visit.

-- Mary

The office is friendly, clean, and staff is wonderful. Dr. Hwang is very gentle. I would recommend family/friends.

-- Holly

Dr. Hwang, it has been a pleasure meeting and knowing you and your staff. All my girls have great smiles due to your work and guidance on dental visits! Thank You!

-- Leah

The explanation of everything that was happening with Harley was done in great detail. Nothing was left to guess! I will be returning wtih Marti!

-- Annalise

My otherwise perfect son was blessed with crooked, overcrowded, missing, and a few other orthodontic challenges. Two years ago we interviewed Dr Hwang and two other local orthodontists. Dr. Hwang had the best overall plan for our son and we have been extremely pleased with the results.

Dr. Hwang and her staff are incredibly thorough, efficient and friendly. The office staff are always great and emergencies were handled smoothly. Best of all, my sons teeth look amazing.

Thank you Dr. Hwang, we are really thankful for the wonderful treatment and results we have received from you and your awesome staff.

-- Ann

Dr. Hwang is the best! When you look for an orthodontist, you're looking for someone who will be all up in your mouth for about 2 years. Dr. Hwang was INCREDIBLY thorough with my diagnosis before I even signed any papers. She explains technical orthodontics in plain English and doesn't try to worsen your already unfortunate situation (of getting braces). Whenever I break a button or need more rubberbands, her team is always ready to assist me! Dr. Hwang is pretty busy, but her staff takes the time to get to know you and makes you feel welcome. My brother's orthodontist was never this personable and operated his business like a production line. Dr. Hwang and her team treats you more like family.

-- Nicole